viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

On writing

"What easy comes easy goes"

This feeling is common, they call it unrest. Is somehow related to melancholy, which is a pretty human disease, there are people who cope with melancholy crying, I do it writing. And it helps a lot. I know writing lets me help my feelings out cause I gotta think about them in order to know them and therefore write them.
This process helps not only to externalize feelings but to create an internal dialogue, a personal language, a very own dialectical approach.
You should start by questioning everything and being aware of your feelings, trying to be honest with you, because if not you may just be cheating yourself. It also counts on you by being aware that no one but you can help you understand your problems, you may go to therapy and have professional aid but it won't help if you don't do your part, therapists don't have a magic wand.

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En apoyo a la libertad de expresion y con fundamento en el articulo 6to de la Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, publico todo lo que las voces en mi cabeza tienen que decir, pero me deslindo afirmando que no necesariamente comparto sus puntos de vista.