jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

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Everyone has unique experiences. That's what makes us so different. The important factor is what we learn from those experiences and how we use that learning in our life.
That, of course, becomes our behavior. And dictates how we approach life
Not being capable of learning through experiences disables us because we cannot keep moving forward through our life, growing as human beings.
It is important that we use reason when assimilating learning. Because linking events to destiny or other non-existent forces will drive us to deception. Supernatural force doesn't exist, so bringing them to our reasoning will only lead us to error.
When breaking down events so we may construct new knowledge, we ought to use a method. Scientific method would be fine but since events cannot be repeated as we want or under the specific circumstances needed to carry on scientific method I propose the use of a comparative method. I haven't develop a complex method but instead it just consist of a dialectical approach. Kinda like the one used by Socrates.
It depends on bringing to the conversation the cases of other people, compare them and try to figure out a conclusion.
I may not be proposing something new but for some people I think I do.
What's important about this method is that constructing knowledge comes from empirical resources and even self-analysis.
On self analysis I gotta say it is a great tool. We always judge people by their deeds by lifting our eyebrow in obvious confusion.
But if we come to learn that much but not all of the behavior exposed by these people is somehow found in ourselves, we can truly, through self-analysis, come to understand them

"Know thyself and you'll know the world"

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En apoyo a la libertad de expresion y con fundamento en el articulo 6to de la Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, publico todo lo que las voces en mi cabeza tienen que decir, pero me deslindo afirmando que no necesariamente comparto sus puntos de vista.