miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Something about Frida

Writing this post in English cause somehow it flowed this way.

Yesterday I talked to my cousin Eli about Frida. She says I'm Frida's trophey. It actually makes sense. Somehow I was somebody Frida wanted to get. She kept flirting me. And I fell into the trap.
At least I was not that blind. I knew things wouldn't go as I would have wanted but I couldn't see they would develop this way. It hurted, she used me and it hurted, of course people have no rock heart. But my cousin says it hurts cause of my ego. That also makes lots of sense.
Now I'm intrigued, I feel better, but somehow confused. How can a lady so young be so crazy? Frida's behavior is interesting. Now my courious me wants to decipher Frida's behavior, maybe I'm being stupid or obsessed. My cousin and I agree that I did not make the same mistakes I made with other girls before, but still Frida played me.
She is kind of a femme fatale, I mean, she knows what she's got and she uses it to her advantage. I like that and as a matter of fact that is what makes her so appealing to me.
Last friday she sent me a text message saying she talked to her girls (little sisters), and that they told her to stick with me if I treated her right. Next day she explained me her girls knew about me cause one of them read Frida's dairy. Is that a trick? Why was I part of a diary I don't really believe that exist?
Thinking of her as somebody who played me is the thing I'm more obsessed with right now.
She admitted being back with her boyfriend isn't right, and that he might be her boyfriend but she was happier with me, this last thing I doubt. Cousin says "you're her toy" and somehow Frida wants me to stick around her. And what about the dedicatory on the book she gave me? That might just be a "thank you" note, wrote it just to make me feel good.
Talking to my cousin made lots of stuff more clear. But I still have my doubts.
A friend of mine told me to make relationships a laboratory and that to carry experiments was the best reason I might keep improving myself on dating, so I might get the right girl. Now this experiment is spoiled, didn't go as I wanted, but I've learned from it.

Thanks in particular to three persons I could think clearly, those are my cousin, my cuban friend and my gringo buddy.

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