viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

On life's journey

Today I spent the morning with Peter Bigbed. He told me yesterday that he already got to meet Frida, he said -She has something angelical. I replied -It rather be demonic. Today we retook the subject, he told me that when talking to The Cuban Boy they got to the conclusion that my way of be is what makes me don't get the girls I could, they show interest in me and I just drive 'em away.
And it could be. Last saturday at the university we had a final-day-of-classes party, Garbansito and Beca were getting pictures of them fake-kissing, I volunteered to do the same with Beca. So when we got our lips close enough so to fake a kiss I could feel she wanted that kiss no matter she was evading it, somebody called and when I turned my head back to her I took her with both hands and kissed her. Five minutes later she took me to the corner near the bar and kissed for like about five minutes, when I asked her -Why? she answered -Because I want.

Why do they only touch me and don't get the whole me?

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En apoyo a la libertad de expresion y con fundamento en el articulo 6to de la Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, publico todo lo que las voces en mi cabeza tienen que decir, pero me deslindo afirmando que no necesariamente comparto sus puntos de vista.