jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

We were not made to fit in, the world was not made for us. Yet we are not special at all, we are just like them. We deserve nothing and nothing we get to obtain. Is of no value what we do and believe in. There the restlessness sits in and takes place, when we get to understand that value amounts for nothing. When we discover ourselves sitting alone among people with no certainties but to die someday. Words were made to give meaning, and as such we try to use them, yet no meaning can be given and there sits desperation, we can give a magnificent speech full of meaning, and yet again, it will amount for nothing. Is time for us to stop searching for there is nothing to find, maybe then our souls may rest in peace.

It had to be done for from failure comes success, regret still is there. How can I be so stripped of morals and have all the moral in the world at the same time. No reason whatsoever, life has to be lived, yet there is not a guide that teaches us how to do it, we'll trip for sure as many times as minutes has the day. The problen is not to do but to discover, walking the path inevitably we get to discover ourselves and the others. Everyone walking his own path blindly, guided but by his feelings, tripping themselves and making us trip also.
No, no reason whatsoever, and yet I'm full of them, of searching but finding.

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En apoyo a la libertad de expresion y con fundamento en el articulo 6to de la Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, publico todo lo que las voces en mi cabeza tienen que decir, pero me deslindo afirmando que no necesariamente comparto sus puntos de vista.