martes, 16 de diciembre de 2014

Relato no. 3

I started thinking about her, right after I got out the ATM machine. She was there, sitting, all her no more no less. I walked left side and saw her from my right. How could I? I had had no right to ignore her but I did, when I turned my head she was there caring for shit. I had made a mistake and she didn't even notice.
Well, I continued walking and started thinking about how to tell this adventure, like a kid, just like she was the world to discover.
Yeah, I discovered her when I sat there right next to her. Talking one to each other, telling stories, asking about our parents or grandparents. Walking right down the street at nine at night, holding hands and me asking her "are you ok?" and she answering "yeah, I'm ok because I'm with you".
Did you ever think of that? She was ok because "she was with me"! And that was my world, like that night she would sit next to me, let me put my head on her chest, backwards, and then she would touch my hair.
Then, she would come back at me, a few weeks later and say that she loves to get her fingers throught my hair. And I would just lay there, listening to her throught the phone and enjoying her as she was.
I would just enjoy her because she wanted me to enjoy her. She was mine, but overall I was her. And we were playing, all the fucking time, to the bad and to the good. As we were, as we knew we were going to were, as we are.
As the last time we were together, just different. Yeah, we were different, we were no soul mate, we were the opposite but in that opposite she was my half. Yeah, everybody will tell you that there is no half, but there is. And here comes the bads news, that half will no remain with you.

That said, here starts the story

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